Åsbjørg Ryeng, bandoneon


Åsbjørg Ryeng is emerging as a pre-eminent Nordic exponent of the bandoneón – the concertina instrument associated with the traditional music of Argentina and Uruguay but present in numerous other musical genres and traditions.

Åsbjørg started playing the bandoneón in Trondheim at the age of ten, when her teacher was Kåre Jostein Simonsen. She studied as an undergraduate with the Norwegian bandoneón player and professor, Per Arne Glorvigen, at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. During her postgraduate studies at the same institution, travelled to Buenos Aires to take classes from the masters of the Argentine bandoneón school.

Since becoming a professional soloist, Åsbjørg has performed around the world, with a repertoire spanning from classical and contemporary music to popular and folk music. Her intuitive musicality has been experienced in countries from Mozambique to the Czech Republic. She has appeared as a soloist with orchestras including the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, the Trondheim Soloists and the Arctic Philharmonic. She has also appeared in a duo with her sister Rannveig, a violinist.

Specialising in the Argentine Tango style, Åsbjørg has collaborated and recorded with groups including El Muro Tango, Tangueros del Norte and Los Osos Polares. She has studied with some of the legends of the bandoneón world, including Juan José Mosalini, Juanjo Mosalini, Julio Pane, Pablo Mainetti and Victor Lavallen. She signed to Nordic Artists Management in 2021.