Morten Lassenius Kramp, Bass



Morten Lassenuis Kramp, age 39, is a promising bass with an impressive range, suppleness and musicality. He is a singer with a striking beautiful voice and he has the look to go with it.

In season 11/12 he sang the worldpremiere as Kurtz / HEART OF DARKNESS at ROH - Covent Garden and received exellent reviews. The production has been nominated at South Bank Sky Arts Awards 2012 and the winner will be announced the 1st of May 2012.
Season 2010/11 he performed Crespel and Luther TALES OF HOFFMANN at Bergens Nye Opera under Marc Soustrot. In Denmark he is singing Colline LA BOHEME at Operaen I Midten. He has recently sung Philip Glass’ KOYAANISQATSI at Bergen International Festival 2010.

He has been invited to the Metropolitan Opera Guild in New York spring 2011. As one of the few chosen he is participating in the Lauritz Melchior International Singing Competition in 2011

Since his graduation from the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen in 1999 he has extended his concert and opera repertoire. At the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen and on opera stages in Europe he has sung Masetto DON GIOVANNI, Count Dominik ARABELLA and Count Ceprano RIGOLETTO among others.

In the orarorio repertoire Morten Lassenius Kramp has performed Verdi's Requiem with Savannah Philharmonics in 2009 as well as
Bach's Mass in B minor, Händel's The Messiah, Rossini's Petite Messe Solenelle,


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Bo Holten


Giacomo Puccini

TOSCA/a jailer

Giuseppe Verdi

LA TRAVIATA/Marquis dÒbigny

Jacques Offenbach


Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky


Richard Wagner


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Gabriel Fauré

Requiem in D minor, Op.48

Georg Friedrich Händel

The Messiah, HVW 56

Gioacchino Rossini

Petite Messe Solenelle
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Johann Sebastian Bach

Cantana "Christ lag in Todesbanden"
Christmas Oratorio BWV 248/1-3
Magnificat BWV 243
Mass in H minor
St. John Passion BWV 245
St. Matthew Passion BWV 244

John Stainer

Stainer, JohnThe Crucifixion

Ludwig van Beethoven

Mass in C Major

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Missa Brevis in F
Requiem KV 626
Heart Of Darkness
The Telegraph
Wed, 2012-11-14
Things only wake up when Kurtz emerges in the surprising shape of a handsome if haggard young bass (Morten Lassenius Kramp), stripped to the waist and slithering prostrate over his desk like a salamander.The Telegarph, 14th of November 2012
Heart Of Darkness
Stage reviews
Wed, 2011-11-02
, and by Danish bass Morten Lassenius Kramp (Kurtz), who is as striking for his cavernous lower range as for his sculpted torso
Heart Of Darkness
Mark Ronan´s theatre reviews
Wed, 2011-11-02
They survive an attack, instigated by Kurtz, that mysterious man whom we eventually meet, strongly sung by young Danish bass Morten Lassenius Kramp.
Heart Of Darkness
Wed, 2011-11-02
The brief appearance of Danish bass Morten Lassenius Kramp as the deranged Kurtz, baleful and shadow-wreathed, had the requisite horrific impact
Heart Of Darkness
Opera Today
Wed, 2011-11-02
The opera builds to a powerful climactic scene: Kurtz’s death — inarticulate, raving, disillusioned. A committed performance by Danish bass Morten Lassenius Kramp depicted the full horror and despair of Kurtz’s disintegration.
Heart Of Darkness
The Guardian
Wed, 2011-11-02
The bass Morten Lassenius Kramp is a Minotaur-like Kurtz, a great brute, stripped to the waist and raving in a hallucinatory torment. When we first see him, he sings an extraordinarily lithe line, starting in the depths and twisting ever higher: "I am glad," he sings. He looks anything but.
Heart Of Darkness
The Independent
Sun, 2012-11-04
Thanks to a commanding performance by the Danish bass Morten Lassenius Kramp, does some real drama take off. Kramp sings his melismatic death-aria with awesome authority
Heart Of Darkness
Seen and Heard International
Thu, 2011-11-03
The dark, questing spirit of Kurtz himself was powerfully evoked by Morten Lassenius Kramp: his deep, virile bass a true discovery of the evening. (We can gloss over the contradiction between the synopsis description of ‘gaunt, thin, and ill’ and the impressively gym-honed body on display, since there was an undoubted fever to appearance and portrayal.)
Heart Of Darkness
Thu, 2011-11-03
...(Oke) does well to arouse our curiosity of the ‘remarkable man’ Kurtz, but is not the most compelling performer, either vocally or dramatically. That accolade must go to Morten Lassenius Kramp as Kurtz himself, who gets to utter the chilling dying phrase ‘The Horror, the horror’, (familiar to those who have seen Apocalypse Now and inspired by Conrad’s original). He appears near the end of the opera, dying and drooped across the desk on the ship’s deck, his fine physique smothered in what looks like blood. As his ghoul-like body writhes, his earthy Bass holds the audience in thrall.
Heart Of Darkness
James Edward Hughes
Thu, 2011-11-03
Kurtz himself, the fever ridden, delirious ivory trader, was played by the remarkable Danish bass Morten Lassenius Kramp. The 39 year old had an arresting stage presence, which he used to great effect during his first solo, the raving “I’m glad”. The tessitura of the aria was focused very low in the voice, but Kramp’s lower register was more than able to cope with the demands of this Profundo role. The part of Kurtz was a remarkable one, scored from E2 to E4, and making full use of the whole two octave range. Kramp was a perfect choice, with a rich sonorous sound from the nadir to the apex of the voice. His very lowest notes, on the phrase “the horror, the horror” at the death of his character, were perfectly audible throughout the Linbury Studio. Kramp is definitely someone to watch in the future.
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