Nazanin Aghakhani


Nazanin Aghakhani has gained worldwide recognition for her last minute jump-ins as a conductor with complex repertoire in the symphonic and also the operatic genre. Aghakhani is also known as a conductor, who knows how to combine classical literature with new music - premiering contemporary music regularly and collaborating with living composers has become a passion and mission - and leaves Aghakhani as an expert in new music and with a wide range of repertoire from “Wiener Klassik” to the present moment.

Being born and raised in Vienna, having Iranian and slightly Russian roots, Nazanin Aghakhani speaks English, Farsi, German and Swedish fluently. She has regularly conducted at festivals such as Musica Nova Helsinki, Salzburger Festspiele, Wien Modern, worked most recently with the Royal Philharmonic Stockholm and RSO Wien, collaborated with opera houses such as Kungliga Operan and Volksoper Wien. Stated as a “pioneer”, Nazanin Aghakhani is the first woman in history to conduct the Tehran Symphony Orchestra in Iran. Besides teaching conducting she also gives lectures on “Women in lead” and “Leading without Abuse”.

In addition to performing as a conductor, Nazanin Aghakhani has published 6 Albums as a pianist with her own music- her last composition “Azizam” for mixed choir, voci bianche and big orchestra in farsi language (lyrics by Aghakhani) was premiered just recently in the golden hall of the “Wiener Musikverein” - premiered by herself under her own baton..

„After Nazanin Aghakhani had left the concert hall together with all her musicians, the whole space was still filled with her enormous mental storm and her musical electricity she had then just created. Her precise beating technique combined with well-thought phrasing leaves no listener untouched. - “Helsingin Sanomat/Finland on world premiere of Opera „Fatal Lessons“ by Ville Raasakkar

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Photo: Bo Söderström

Photo: Bo Söderström

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Photo: Bo Söderström